Feedback from Attendees


I cant talk for everybody but talking for myself it saved me from an early grave because if I hadn’t been able to come here i’d have been stuck in the house all day doing nothing and I probably would have done myself in, I was in a right state and this was good for me yeah.. – Shed Attendee

Plenty of brews and laughs at the shed helps me out of my health problems, be lost without going. Can’t wait till tomorrow. –  Shed Attendee

Men in Sheds Doesn’t half boost you up. Like I have said before, the best medicine anybody can have that is down in the dumps, suffering from anxiety like myself and suffering from depression like myself. it doesn’t have give you a good lift, makes you feel good. So roll on going down to the shed later on today – Shed Attendee

It has helped me with my depression and the men down there have helped me, very good friend, I’ve made some very good friends and we get on really well, so like a big happy family. – Shed Attendee

A fair majority of the guys live on their own and so it is a big benefit, particularly in the winter where they would just be sitting in their house watching tele, vegetating – Shed Attendee