What is Men in Sheds?

Men in sheds is a place where men over 50 can meet up in our large workshops throughout Cheshire. It is a place for men to chat, make friends and relax with other men and to share existing skills and learn new ones. There are plenty of opportunities to pursue hobbies and to build and create items within the sheds. Men in Sheds has been shown to help men keep active in later life, to help reduce feelings of depression or loneliness and to get engaged in a community activity. Men often start to attend our sheds during a transition period, whether through retirement, moving house, bereavement or a time of ill health. Men in Sheds has supported its members through these times and we welcome new members.

How do I become a member?

We welcome applications from men 50 or over. The sheds offer a supportive environment and can help if you are suffering from social isolation or going through a transition period and would benefit from being in the shed environment. You are very welcome to come down to your local shed and can see a list of our shed addresses and contact details here. You can also contact your local coordinator directly if you prefer and they can arrange an appointment time for you to come and visit the shed and have a tour

I’m a women, how do I join?

We now have Women in Sheds on a Friday at our Hartford shed and will be expanding to include Women in Sheds in our new Winsford Shed too. The same membership criteria applies, we welcome applications from women 50 or over and you are very welcome to come down to Hartford shed and see what we do or arrange a time to come and visit.

Do I need to have woodworking skills?

No – We have a paid coordinator in each of our sheds and we have an established team of volunteers who can help you to understand the basics of woodworking and show you how to use each piece of equipment. We encourage people to share their skills and support each others. We also cover a broader range of activities than just woodworking and have artists, photographers, model enthusiasts and musicians who enjoy taking part in the range of activities offered.

What do you do in your sheds?

Our sheds have a core focus of woodworking but we are also able to do some metal working, we have a gym in one location, a computer suite, instruments that the attendees have made, a model railway in one location and in our newest shed we will have an art studio and photography studio as well as an emphasis on technology.

Do I need to pay a membership fee?

There is a membership fee of £10 per month. Our sheds are open for 6 hours per day, 4 days a week and you can attend on all 4 days if you wish. You can also attend one of our other sheds so you are not limited to only attending one location. If there is a problem paying the fee please speak to your shed coordinator in confidence.

Do I need to live in Cheshire?

Our sheds are based within different locations in Cheshire and the majority of our members do live within the Borough but due to their popularity we have some members who travel from Stoke, Wales and further afield to attend our sheds.