About Us

Men in Sheds is so much more than simply a space for men to get together and hang out. In our tenth year of running this successful service for men in Cheshire, Men in Sheds has a range of benefits for our attendees.

1# Share and Learn skills
Men from a wide range of backgrounds come to the sheds and by sharing and using their range of skills and experiences, create remarkable things for personal use or to sell to support the project.      

4# Improve confidence and self esteem
Helping others and sharing their knowledge has led to feelings of being worthwhile and having something to contribute. This leads to enhanced self esteem and confidence.

2# Make friends
Camaraderie between colleagues is a key theme in the sheds, Banter plays a role in facilitating social relationships and the sheds have led to new friendships, generating a sense of belonging.                                                            

5# Reduce social isolation and loneliness
The sheds provide an environment for older men to spend time outside of their homes. Talking with other men and having somewhere to go to during the week contributes to a reduction in feelings of depression

3# Keep Active
Attending the sheds supports maintenance of men’s overall and physical health and provides an opportunity to engage in physical activity, keep mobile and live less sedentary lives than if they would do otherwise

6# Get involved in the community
The sheds support other community projects whether making benches for schools, birdboxes for wildlife charities or supporting other charities, Men in Sheds give back to their communities.