Age UK Cheshire opened the first Men in Sheds in the UK in 2008

We now have 4 sheds, in Hartford, Ellesmere Port, Crewe and Chester and are coming to Winsford soon with our 5th shed where we will be expanding our incredibly popular service.

The ‘sheds’ are a euphemism for a club and are actually the equivalent to industrial units where men can meet to undertake a variety of activities such as woodworking, metalworking, art and computers – almost like a youth club for the over 50’s!

Attending the sheds enhances men’s self esteem and increases their confidence. The sheds can provide an opportunity for older men to engage in physical activity, keep mobile and live less sedentary lives than they would if they did not attend the Sheds. The sheds also provide a compassionate and supportive space for older men to share their health concerns and experiences with other men that is separate from traditional interventions and talking to other men and having somewhere to go during the week contributes to a reduction in feelings of depression.

Browse our product gallery to see the wide range of items that are made in our sheds and find out more about your local shed.